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  • Sports, Corruption & The Era of Sports Management Platforms

    After much deliberation, I had to give in and write something that brings my 2 passions in life together – sports & technology. Couldn’t have found a better timing than this, the richest cricket league in the world gets hit by the worst corruption scandal in India, just when a new breed of Sports Management…

  • Smartphones Are First Choice For Second Screen

    A clear majority of TV viewers (63%) are consulting a connected device while watching TV, a new IAB/Ipsos MediaCT study shows. But among those “second screeners” the smartphone was the most popular multitasking device among 45% of respondents — the tablet with 30% and the familiar computer with only 21%. The findings are part of…

  • The Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is without a doubt is one of the biggest innovations to ever hit the technology industry. While the basis of what is “cloud” has been around for years, the term and its effect are gaining significant traction.