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  • Time for mOS – Marketing Operating System aka iOS? A Vision – Part I

    I have been wanting to write up something on what I expect as the ultimate point for Marketing Automation & Innovation but I just kept procrastinating the work. But last night’s news on Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua for a good $871 million dollar pushed me to share my dream of using an “mOS” – Marketing […]

  • Investing in Marketing Technology Future – Marketing Technology Office

    Originally published by: Forrester on 2011-10-24 13:28:20. Written by Robert Brosnan | Suresh Vittal  MARKETING RISKS SUCCUMBING TO TECHNOLOGY SPRAWL To compete in the age of the customer, marketing departments must increase technology investments to facilitate the capture, analysis, and application of customer data. (see endnote 1) The knot of proliferating channels, rapidly evolving behavior, […]

  • A Digital Experience Platform – Beyond just a WCM

    Today’s digital marketing landscape is a complex ecosystem created by emerging touch points and new inter-dependent media channels. Consumers now have direct access to information and a higher expectation for relevant and personalized content at their finger tips anytime & anywhere. Conventional approach by marketers to this complexity has been rather ad-hoc and disparate in […]