The History & Future of Marketing Technology

Future of Marketing Technology

A few weeks back, I worked with the editing team at Kapost on a whitepaper on the “Future of Marketing Technology”, you can download your copy by clicking here. A quick extract from the original site with a description of the whitepaper:

There are more than 1,870 technologies that specialize in social, search, email, analytics, promotion, planning, and more. Making sense of them is no easy task. The secret to succeeding in this rapidly changing tech landscape is to focus on the customer.
the best content marketing merges art and science

Along with the most fascinating dynamic representation of the history and future of Marketing Technology by Kapost; click here to view the graphic. I thought this was one of the most compelling articulation and summary of the Marketing Technology evolution, a lot of fun. I appreciate what the Kapost team did behind the scenes to make this happen.

Enjoy the read.