Omni-Channel Experiences, Still Far from Reality!!!

Can you complete let alone win a Formula One race with flat tires? Don’t think I need to answer that question but am sure...
Mayur Gupta Mayur Gupta
3 min read

Omni-Channel Retail: A Term So Confusing, Even Those Doing…

In the late 1990's, I remember attending an e-commerce trade show and laughing with a group of colleagues about rapid rise of the term...
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4 min read

Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide The Buyer’s Journey

Originally published by: Forrester | on 2012-10-04 13:28:20 by Lori Wizdo Today’s buyers control their journey through the buying cycle much more than today’s...
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2 min read

eCommerce vs Digital Landscape OR eCommerce Within Digital Landscape?

In an ever evolving and highly complex digital landscape, nothing is a simple straight line let alone the consumer journey or even the consumer’s...
Mayur Gupta Mayur Gupta
5 min read