Amazon Fire Phone – Retail Noise or Retail Future?

Amazon’s Fire Phone hit the market last week on Friday, another reflection of the pace at which the retail industry is moving and of...
Mayur Gupta Mayur Gupta
2 min read

Can online video drive sales?

Can online video drive sales? In a recent conversation with Adam Burns, chief editor @ MeetTheBoss.TV I shared my thoughts on why and how...
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6 min read

OmniChannel Experience leading to OmniChannel Loyalty [Infographic]

Is it fair to say that an Omni Channel Experience will lead to an Omni Channel Loyalty? I came across this interesting on...
Mayur Gupta Mayur Gupta
1 min read

The Ecommerce Guide to Big Data [Infographic]

“Big Data” has been touted as the next “big thing” in ecommerce. But according to research by Edgell Knowledge Network, only 47% of retailers...
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41 sec read

Global Mobile Commerce Trends [Infographic]

This week’s infographic looks at global trends in mobile commerce for smartphones and tablets. Mobify analyzed 200 million visitors to mobile commerce sites.Click to...
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