Stop Marketing Fragmentation – It’s Either Good Marketing or Bad Marketing

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Marketing FragmentationAt the onset, these look like marketing strategies, marketing types, marketing buckets or perhaps just buzzwords that am sure most of us continue to use for our annual planning, various strategic presentations with our teams, with the board, with the top leadership and more. There are agencies that specialize in these one or more of these buckets, organizations have been structured around these categories and in fact in some places, these are reasonably isolated divisions.

In other words, these buckets represent many factions of modern marketing and as it is evident the different “CHANNELS” and “TOUCHPOINTS” influence many of these.

From a tactical perspective, this reflects tremendous growth and evolution, a response from the marketing world to the channel disruption. But from a purist and a “CONSUMER” perspective, this ISOLATED and FRAGEMENTED view of marketing is killing the consumer experience. It is taking it further away from that ultimate “SEAMLESS OMNI CHANNEL EXPERIENCE” let alone enabling it.

What’s worse is that we as marketers are celebrating this fragmentation and we continue to run at 200 mph but in a wrong direction, we will end up in a wrong place faster. The very initiatives taken up to drive a stronger consumer engagement and experience are the ones actually breaking that engagement and the experience. We are exceedingly “channel driven” but the big disconnect being that the consumers don’t see channels, they only care about the combination of value, a story and the overall experience.

Good Marketing or Bad Marketing

It is time to take a STEP BACK & PAUSE and realize that at the end of the day it is only “MARKETING” and if you really like numbers then sure, it can be “GOOD MARKETING” or “BAD MARKETING”. Everything else feeds into that, lives within that. It is ONE CONSUMER, ONE BRAND & ONE MARKETING, until we execute and operationalize with that mindset, the vision of that ultimate “SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE” will stay an infatuation at best.