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I recently had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Vala Afshar (CMO, Extreme Networks) and Michael Krigsman (Co-Founder of CXO-Talk) on their talk show CXOTalk. It was a fascinating dialogue where we collaborated on everything from how best to get fired from our respective jobs to the nuances of Marketing Technology and what it really meant to driving innovation and business growth at the intersection of marketing and technology. A great experience with 2 incredible thought leaders in the industry and I look forward to many more dialogues and interactions like this one with both Vala and Michael.

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  1. Great talk Mayur, it was very interesting to learn in detail your role and how you are shaping the landscape for a large organization. I was especially intrigued by the point where you described the cohesion of various silos within the organization and how they come about to help towards a common goal.
    I see a lot of conflict even fairly evolved tech organizations around ‘how’ the marketing goals can be met and hence even more confusion around which tech is to be used.

  2. Hey Sid, thanks for the comments and am glad you liked the content. To answer your last point though, marketing technology “management” is really the bigger challenge right now especially with the pace at which technology is evolving, it’s extremely exponential and for brands to keep up with it is almost impossible. You need to have the right talent, approach and model that can utilize a framework to make fast decisions, picking the battles at an enterprise level. But at the same time, carve out a %age to drive innovation and manage the chaos. No perfect recipe at the end of the day and that’s where we all will keep ourself busy, combining innovation with operational needs. BTW — I dont see technology shops or agencies any different from brands in terms of the maturity curve, that world is converging in itself thanks to all the talent movement across these worlds.

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