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IAB MIXX 2014 – Marketing Unicorns for the Omni-Channel Reality

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Marketing Unicorns

Marketing UnicornsEarlier this year in 2014, I was asked by Sheldon Monteiro, a dear friend and Chief Technology Officer at SapientNitro to join him for a fireside chat at the IAB MIXX 2014, in NY during AdWeek on the need to raise Marketing Unicorns to manage the Omni-Channel Reality. It was a no brainer for me to say yes to that question for many reasons:

  • Sharing the stage with Sheldon for whom I have tremendous respect for what he has accomplished and his contributions to the industry within the chaotic world of marketing technology;
  • The inspiring platform of IAB during AdWeek; had a fantastic lineup of speakers this year as always
  • The topic in itself has been dearest to my heart, something I am increasingly passionate about and live & breathe each day at work
  • And last but not the least, the presence of THE “Kevin Spacey“, yes I mean The Kevin Spacey and yes from The House of Cards as the keynote speaker and getting a chance to meet him in person backstage. Look no kiddin:


Kevin Spacey @ IAB MIXX 2014


Alright, fine — here is the secret, I was one of many who had a chance to stand next to the man himself and get the picture of a lifetime, thanks to my friends at SapientNitro who invited me backstage.

Anyways, cutting to the chase, Sheldon and I did end up at stage for our fireside chat and shared our thoughts on the challenges behind an omni-channel experience and the need to raise Unicorns to make this a reality. Here is a quick peak at that:

In one of the posts on SapientNitro’s official blog, the team wrote about 5 key takeaways from this session, here is a quick extract from that post but to read the full blog, you can click here:

1. Fragmentation fractures consumer experience: The fundamental roadblock in accomplishing an omni-channel and seamless experience is “FRAGMENTATION” across many levels, something I also share in my post on CMSWire – “Fragmentation is Holding Marketing Back”

2. The CMTO leadership role has been borne out of necessity — There is a lot that has been said, written and debated about the birth of this new breed of marketers or the new breed of technologists, either way because they are both same and that’s why they are called the Unicorns. But more importantly, this growth is a natural response to the disruption that’s happening within the digital world which is clearly lead and controlled by an omni-channel consumer. The role at the intersection of marketing and technology is a necessity and not a choice.

3. There’s a talent gap: Unfortunately though, the unicorns are hard to come by as they are not raised out of the universities or academia yet, those are still raising the traditional “T” shaped marketers while the unicorns are professionals with a Pi-Shaped or a Multi Pi-Shaped mindset, a challenge I had shared in my post “Marketing in an Era of Convergence” and “The New Marketer, from T Shaped to Pi Shaped”

4. SapientNitro addressing the talent gap through it’s CMTO University: A breakthrough initiative lead by SapientNitro and Sheldon, establishing a unique university focused at raising these unicorns from within

5. The Marketing Technology Talent Survey is out: Lastly, a survey that was run by Sheldon and Scott Brinker on his blog and the results of which were also posted there and shared by Sheldon during the fireside chat.

Hope you enjoyed the chat.

Mayur Gupta Growth @ Spotify. Dreamer + Doer + Connecting Dots.. Angel Investor. Blogger. Cricket, Tennis & Nichiren Buddhism. My 3 girls. All views re my own.