Growing Business with Marketing Technology & Innovation

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Earlier this week, I was able to attend the inaugural Marketing Technology Conference in Boston as I had shared in my last post “Technology is the New Experience“, I enjoyed my presentation on “Growing Business with Marketing Technology & Innovation” and of course the questions towards the end. It was a fascinating experience for me and am sure for others as well, a great line up of speakers and industry thought leaders. The event was a huge success for both Scott Brinker who has been a dear friend, incredible thought leader and a guide for me along my journey as well as the Third Door Media team who have been pioneers with the Search Marketing events and now sponsoring/impacting the larger marketing ecosystem.

With a million events every year, you almost get confused and at times tired of them but what was unique about the MarTech Conference was the no bullsh$$** agenda and incredible speakers. John Ellett who I met for the first time at this event beautifully summarized some of the key learnings from the event in his column on Forbes – “The Rise of the Unicorns — Why Marketing Technologists will Rule Modern Marketing”.

As promised, here is my keynote presentation on “Growing Business with Marketing Technology, from Operations to Innovation”, a few high level topics that I touched upon in my presentation:

  1. The evolution of technology and Carlota Perez’s analysis of the various “technology and socio-economic” waves
  2. The era digital revolution and the new “strategic” role of technology
  3. Technology as it inspires creativity and brand stories as well as creating new business models
  4. The new innovation ecosystem and the corporate world of digital innovation labs
  5. Seven key principles to drive innovation within a corporate environment

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