Future of TV & Online Video – Converging Pathways

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Future of TV & Online Video – The Ever Converging Pathways Towards Sales

With so much focus on smartphones and tablets, it is common for most to take “TV” as a channel for granted. Not for everyone though, Gui.de – a start up that recently launched a platform that can transform any digital content into a video experience aka TV channel. The start up headed by Freddie Laker (a dear colleague & entrepreneur from my SapientNitro days) intends to redefine the potential that lies with “TV” not just as a device but as a dominant channel for brands to market and win in a digital world. I was impressed by a recent infographic from Guide on the future of TV and wanted to post it on my blog.

Besides the obvious trends in the infographic about the future penetration of SmartTVs and the innovation in the living room, I personally see a future CONVERGENCE across channels especially TV & online. The future will radically diminish the conventional gap between how consumers engage with a TV vis-a-viv their online experience. With the evolution of SmartTV that change is already on its way, the biggest difference being that TV now is a “PULL” channel and not a one dimensional “PUSH” channel which of course puts the consumer in full control. We can expect TV to follow the smartphone growth trajectory, opening up to custom TV apps based on an open development framework. Video is already evolving into a primary sales channel online, something I had shared in my recent blog post on Can Online Video Drive Sales. It’s a behavior that is likely to spread to TV, with the consumer in control of content; he/she would be able to make a seamless commercial transaction within the TV experience itself either through a second screen device or at some point through voice recognized commands (aka better Siri).

With additional computing power and reliance on cloud computing & virtual personalized data, I see no difference between the device hanging on the wall and the one in your lap or office table in the future. Of course the size may be quite different but for all practical purposes, I could swap my flat screen desktop monitor with my TV.

Here is a peak at the infographic, enjoy the trends:

The Future of TV


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