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DNA of the Modern Marketer – Need for Disruption

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Disrupting Digital Landscape
Disrupting Digital Landscape

DNA of the modern marketer. Marketing and marketers have never been more critical to the success of an organization than they are now. It is therefore not surprising that the Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) role and a committed marketing function exists in almost every single organization, regardless of size and scale. A lot of it could be attributed to the evolution or rather the disruption in the consumer landscape, a lot of which was triggered by the innovation in data and technology. On one hand this evolution in data made the impact of marketing accurately measurable and visible for the first time, transforming it from being a “fluff” function to a strategic business capability significantly driving revenue and growth, while on the other hand, technology has made consumer more powerful, in-control and truly omni-channel, almost forcing brands to put the consumer at the center of everything they do. Needless to say that the exponential growth in consumer touch points, devices and channels is adding to the pressure, making it a rather complex and chaotic ecosystem.

Within this journey and in the broader context of the digital landscape, every single entity has gone through a significant level of disruption and change with an exception of the “MARKETER” himself.

New Marketing – Both Art & Science

If the new marketing combines both ART & SCIENCE and lies at the intersection of data, technology, creative and strategy then the NEW MARKETER needs to expand his DNA to converge across these skills. For brands and marketers to engage at par with the “omni-potent”, “omni-present” and “omni channel consumer”, the marketer needs to become “omni-skilled” as well.

New Marketing - Art & Science
New Marketing – Art & Science

The New Marketer – from T-Shaped to Multi-Pi Shaped

The conventional “T-SHAPED” DNA of a marketer, going deep in an area of marketing needs a radical shift to being a “MULTI PI-SHAPED” DNA, going deep in all aspects of “CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT” that spans across marketing, technology, data & analytics and even sales and finance. A marketer being the orchestrator of the brand show can no longer isolate himself to a single aspect of the consumer engagement in order to drive the seamless and frictionless experiences the consumer demands.

Multi-Pi Shaped Marketer
Multi-Pi Shaped Marketer

These converging skills of a marketer will also be the foundation that drives organizational convergence, breaking the conventional silos of channels and functions. It is a shift that is necessary to make omni-channel consumer experience a reality and not just a myth.

While the shift is no longer an option but a mandate for brands and marketers, it is not easy to come by for it requires a re-look at the grass root levels, at educational institutes and how different courses are structured as well as how organizations operate. The ultimate desirable state is when everyone is a marketer or everyone is a technologist or everyone is analyst, we can chose the title we want HOWEVER they all mean the same, with a sole focus on the consumer and the consumer experience.

Mayur Gupta
Mayur Gupta Growth @ Spotify. Dreamer + Doer + Connecting Dots.. Angel Investor. Blogger. Cricket, Tennis & Nichiren Buddhism. My 3 girls. All views re my own.

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