A Dialogue with Drew Neisser – Driving Marketing Innovation

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I recently had a very interesting dialogue with Drew Neisser, co-founder of Renegade on the occasion of 2014 CMO Awards. It was a discussion on the key principles and challenges of driving marketing innovation in a corporate world and how the world of programmatic buying has evolved in the last few years and the impact it has had on consumer engagement.

Here is a brief excerpt from that interview as published by Drew on his blog TheDrewBlog:

The job of the detective is to not simply to take the facts as they appear but instead to dig for hidden clues and ultimately reassemble these into a cohesive fact-based narrative of what actually happened.  With this in mind, I would propose that Mayur Gupta, the Global Head of Marketing Technology and Innovation at consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark, is the Sherlock Holmes of digital marketing.  Though our one conversation transcribed below hardly qualifies me for the role of Watson, I will say that if you read our Q+A, you too may finally have a clue what programmatic marketing is all about.

You will also come to understand what big data can actually do for big brands, especially if (and this is a big IF) you can shift the internal conversation from channel-centricity to customer-centricity.  As Mayur sees it, opportunities abound for the marketers who “break the channel silos and drive seamless or so called “omni channel” consumer experiences.”  Read on.  It won’t take any detective work on your part to see why he received the Programmatic Marketing award at TheCMOClub CMO Awards.


You can view the entire interview by clicking here.

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