The CMO Guide to Programmatic – From Media Optimization to OmniChannel Experiences

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CMO Programmatic GuideIt’s inspiring to see the increasing awareness and curiosity around programmatic within the marketing community and C-Suite. The last 12 months have witnessed a dramatic spike in the adoption of programmatic media buying technologies and models with leading brands and organizations moving towards global trading desks to manage hundreds of millions of dollars of media buying annually. Some of these are managed internally, some of outsourced to media agencies and some have a hybrid model, all depending on how your media landscape and agencies are organized.

Besides the obvious benefits of a more optimized media buying process where you are no longer paying to a 3rd party broker and secondly instead of targeting a pre-defined list of publishers and placements for your impression dollars, you are now able to target personas and consumers who are relevant to your brand which inadvertently drives higher engagement, click through rates and maximizes your ROI; there is an even bigger impact of programmatic buying or RTB as some may call it especially with the underlying DMP (data management platform) capability that ends up storing and managing all the 1st party cookie data for the respective brands. The potential of then using this data in conjunction with rest of your consumer data fragments across 1st party, 2nd party and 3rd party data is immense especially as brands if you are serious about driving connected seamless and omni channel consumer experiences.

This is the underlying element of programmatic or any DSP (demand side platform) that is under utilized; the data within the DMP is either just lying or not used or perhaps used to optimize media buying and targeting within the realms of “paid media channels”. The bigger opportunity however lies when brands start to converge this data set with rest of the data elements within their broader data ecosystem.

I was part of a core team put together by MediaMath to put together an in-depth programmatic gudie for marketing leaders and brands “The CMO Solution Guide to Programmatic Marketing”. It was a great experience partnering with one of the leaders within the category and others from the industry who are going down the same path. You can download a copy of the study from MediaMath’s site or by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy it.

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