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The Ecommerce Guide to Big Data [Infographic]

“Big Data” has been touted as the next “big thing” in ecommerce. But according to research by Edgell Knowledge Network, only 47% of retailers...
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BIG DATA – More Than Just BIG!!!

If all the hype & deluge of headlines, articles & advanced analytics and reporting material is anything to go by, BIG DATA is the...
Mayur Gupta
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Why is Big Data Revolutionary?

Originally published by: ZDNet » Tech on 2012-04-10 21:29 PDT by Andrew Brust Summary: Big Data is revolutionary, and not merely the evolution of...
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SCRAM! -Harnessing Social Customer Relationship Application Management

If you’ve been following the trends recently in Social Media you are no doubt watching a new revolution taking hold; brands and retailers creating...
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