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The Ecommerce Boom in China [Infographic]

2013 is predicted to be the year that ecommerce in China exceeds the US. According to the Alibaba Group, which owns the nation’s most...
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Evolving Impact of Tablets on eCommerce – Consumer Behavior [Inforgraphic]

This week’s infographic is courtesy of ShopPad, looking at some stats on tablet shopping behavior over the holiday season.Click to enlargeHighlights:Tablet conversions were highest...
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10 Online Retail Lessons Learned at Least 10 Times, and Still Loving It.

I love my job. It's been a frenzied year so far and with many e-commerce teams about to hunker down for the holiday crunch,...
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Balancing marketing technology and IT at a Fortune 500 firm – A Dialogue with Scott Brinker

Marketing technology management can look straightforward on paper, when analysts and pundit-bloggers such as myself draw simplified diagrams of new organizational structures with...
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The Ecommerce Guide to Big Data [Infographic]

“Big Data” has been touted as the next “big thing” in ecommerce. But according to research by Edgell Knowledge Network, only 47% of retailers...
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Omni-Channel Retail: A Term So Confusing, Even Those Doing it Best Don’t Know What it Means

In the late 1990's, I remember attending an e-commerce trade show and laughing with a group of colleagues about rapid rise of the term...
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Global Mobile Commerce Trends [Infographic]

This week’s infographic looks at global trends in mobile commerce for smartphones and tablets. Mobify analyzed 200 million visitors to mobile commerce sites.Click to...
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Investing in Marketing Technology Future – Marketing Technology Office

Originally published by: Forrester on 2011-10-24 13:28:20. Written by Robert Brosnan | Suresh Vittal  MARKETING RISKS SUCCUMBING TO TECHNOLOGY SPRAWL To compete in the...
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