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First Principles Omni Channel Experience

Founding Principles of Enabling an Omni Channel Strategy

Omni Channel Strategy There has been enough said and written about Omni Channel Experiences from two perspectives - Firstly, why it is unreal and still a myth through my own posts like The Omni Channel Paradox, Omni Channel Far From Being a Reality and others. Secondly what an Omni Channel ...
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DMP Evolution

Navigating Through the DMP Outburst – Enabling The Omni-Channel Vision

The DMP Outburst It’s fascinating and intriguing to see how fast the digital world is evolving and how quickly we are changing directions and unraveling new opportunities to solve consumer needs and gaps. While Big Data has been the old new kid on the block for a while and understandably ...
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The Technology Obsession

The Perfect Imperfection – The Technology & Channel Obsession |#HumanFirst?

Technology & Channel Obsession I think if there is one thing in the world of marketing that hasn’t changed, one statement that has been consistently written with blood, one emotion and desire that everyone regardless of where they sit have unequivocally expressed has been to “PUT THE CONSUMER AT THE ...
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Content Data & Technology

Data Convergence – The Marketing Glue For The Omni-Channel Reality

Data has now become synonymous with “Big Data” which is good and bad. Good because it has brought a huge focus and investment into a reasonably big problem and an even bigger opportunity for the betterment of human life. It is bad because it has overshadowed the need to solve ...
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Is Paid The New Television

Is Paid the New Television & Broadcast Investment Haven

I Is Paid the New Television & Broadcast Investment Haven I was recently at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco and it was obviously a fascinating event that lasted two days of non-stop learning and collaboration, you can view more thoughts on the event on my last post "Marketing Technology ...
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MarTech Breaking Barriers

Marketing Technology Breaking The Technology Barrier |MarTech 2015

Marketing Technology Breaking The Technology Barrier I guess it’s my turn now to throw my hat into the ring even though there is nothing much left to share after some inspiring posts and summary from great thought leaders like these ones: 9 big takeaways from MarTech conference by Scott Brinker ...
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digital transformation

Guide to Driving Digital Transformation – A Start

I recently came across this interesting infographic by infomentum summarizing the key elements of driving digital transformation in an organization. You can view a video as well at the source post - TALKING TRANSFORMATION: THE CEOS GUIDE TO DEALING WITH DIGITAL DISRUPTION Besides the info-graphic though, some of the common ...
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Programmatic Ecosystem

Programmatic – It Was Never About Technology But Changing Human Behavior

I have for long maintained how as marketers and technologists, as brands and agencies we are all struggling with either a channel obsession or a capability and technology obsession. It's a mindset that is often distracted with the possibilities and the shine of new technology; the root cause for creation ...
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The Marketing Technology Underpinnings – Growth Factors

The marketing technology underpinnings - growth factors For long I have been challenging myself to simplify the complexity behind the proliferation of marketing technology and innovation and more importantly learn the art of applying the ever evolving landscape to solve business challenges and change consumer behaviors that ultimately prevent businesses ...
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2015 MarTech Landscape

First Principles of a Global Marketing Technology Capability

As Scott Brinker had said in one of his recent; it's truly an incredible time to be working in marketing — and, even more so, marketing technology. The innovation happening across this industry is staggering. Yet it is still merely a reflection of the broader transformation that's happening in marketing ...
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