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Simplify Technology

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough – Einstein

Three very simple questions to understand the context: How often have you sat in a technology presentation that is without the complex diagrams, architectures, integration and business context models and at times even more? How often did these sessions start with a simple and clear definition of the consumer problem ...
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Digital Media Future

Digital Growth – CMOs Preparing for Digital to be 75% of Marketing Budget

A recent infographic published in Adweek by Melissa Hoffmann shows that CMOs are preparing for digital to grow to 75% of marketing's budgets. A survey of CMOs shows they understand the industry is going digital, but they are still resisting the "digital" label for their companies. I agree strongly with ...
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Traditional DCOE Model

Modern Globalization – From COEs to Freedom Within The Framework

In recent years an increasing number of marketing organizations have established “Digital Center of Excellence” teams. They are often called the DCOE or COE, and are either already running across the Fortune 500s or in the process of being incepted. It initially appears to be a great model, especially in a ...
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Globalization – Marketing’s Toughest Challenge

What is marketing’s biggest challenge? I am sure 9 out of 10 answers to that question would refer to technologies, big data or the pace at which the consumer landscape is evolving. Interestingly though, they are by far the easier puzzles to solve in marketing. On the other hand, globalization ...
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Responsive Design-Insights 2013_Page_1

Responsive Design – Respond to a Design vs Design to Respond

It has been a long time since I co-authored this piece with my former colleague Dan Israel from SapientNitro but I strongly believe some of the content here is still relevant for a very simple reason - how many times do you here people use the word "responsive" the moment ...
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Disruptive Trends in Digital

Disruptive Trends in Digital

Disruptive trends in digital It's often impossible to predict the future especially in a domain that’s disrupting at a faster pace than our sheer imagination. But it’s often easy to predict how far we may go over the next 10 years by looking at how far we have come in ...
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The Real Battle – Going Beyond the Tech Budget Debate

The Real Battle - Going Beyond the Tech Budget Debate If 2012 was the year of Big Data, 2013 could be termed as the year of the CMO-CIO debate thanks to the famous quote from Gartner - “CMOs having more budget than the CIOs by 2017”. I can hardly remember ...
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Customer Obsessed View

From Channel Obsession to Customer Obsession – Modern Marketing

From channel obsession to customer obsession I recently had the privilege to speak to a highly impressive and innovative Bazaarvoice team on the changing marketing landscape and the strong need for marketers and brands to shift from being channel obsessed to customer obsessed. Take a read: The tectonic shift in ...
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The Omni-Channel Paradox

This is my latest blogpost on the Omni-Channel Paradox that was published on AdExchanger's Brand Aware section. Take a read: Brands have as much of a chance of driving frictionless omnichannel consumer experiences as a Formula One race car driver trying to win a race on flat tires. Impossible!!! The ...
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IQPC CMO Exchange

Transforming business at the Intersection of Marketing & Technology

Transforming business at the intersection of marketing and technology - I had the privilege to be the keynote speaker on that topic at this year's IQPC CMO Exchange, here is extract from one of the interviews as published by IQPC. IQPC Exchange: Both Marketing and Technology are evolving every day, how ...
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