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Consumer Science

Is Marketing in Need for Consumer Science?

In one of the posts on my blog called the “Omni Channel Paradox”, I had compared a marketer’s desire to drive Omni Channel Experiences with a Formula One race driver who attempts to win the race with flat tires, certain impossibility. You may argue that the case of the Formula ...
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The Unicorns

The Inaugural MarTech 2014, Boston – Haven for Modern Marketer

I along with a few hundred others enjoyed an incredible opportunity to attend and participate in the inaugural MarTech 2014 conference in Boston earlier this year, you can get more in depth observations from the event on Scott Brinker's Chiefmartec blog. Whether it was the "Growing Unicorns" session by Sheldon ...
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Marketing Innovation

The Seven Principles of Marketing Innovation

The Seven Principles of Marketing Innovation - It seems like "seven" is the new ten these days, so it was time for me to ride that wave with my "seven" principles needed to drive marketing innovation. I recently shared a key note at this year's inaugural MarTechConf in Boston on ...
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Technori Pitch, Chicago – Marketing Technology Innovation

I was invited last week by the organizers of Technori Pitch to give the keynote during this month's pitch event that had the theme of "Marketing Technology" and of course I couldn't say no and in fact felt grateful for the opportunity. Technori Pitch is a fascinating platform for start ...
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Growing Business with Marketing Technology & Innovation

Earlier this week, I was able to attend the inaugural Marketing Technology Conference in Boston as I had shared in my last post "Technology is the New Experience", I enjoyed my presentation on "Growing Business with Marketing Technology & Innovation" and of course the questions towards the end. It was ...
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MarTechConf 2014

Technology is the New Experience – MarTechConf Boston, 2014

Thanks to Scott Brinker, I got an incredible opportunity to join the Board of Advisors for MarTechConf, a unique set up and platform to discuss and collaborate on the extremely evolving world of digital disruption that sits on the convergence of Marketing and Technology. Scott continues to be "the" thought ...
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Chief Marketing Technologist

Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

A colleague of mine, part of our global marketing technology capability team recently shared this presentation with me on the "Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist", a study they had done in Korea as part of a group called Harvard Business Review Forum Korea, using the original post on the ...
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Amazon Fire Phone – Retail Noise or Retail Future?

Amazon’s Fire Phone hit the market last week on Friday, another reflection of the pace at which the retail industry is moving and of course the growing influence of Amazon on the consumer landscape. In a rather unusual financial report from closing of the second quarter, Amazon reported losses that ...
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Simplify Technology

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough – Einstein

Three very simple questions to understand the context: How often have you sat in a technology presentation that is without the complex diagrams, architectures, integration and business context models and at times even more? How often did these sessions start with a simple and clear definition of the consumer problem ...
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Digital Media Future

Digital Growth – CMOs Preparing for Digital to be 75% of Marketing Budget

A recent infographic published in Adweek by Melissa Hoffmann shows that CMOs are preparing for digital to grow to 75% of marketing's budgets. A survey of CMOs shows they understand the industry is going digital, but they are still resisting the "digital" label for their companies. I agree strongly with ...
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