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MarTech Breaking Barriers

Marketing Technology Breaking The Technology Barrier |MarTech 2015

Marketing Technology Breaking The Technology Barrier I guess it’s my turn now to throw my hat into the ring even though there is nothing much left to share after some inspiring posts and summary from great thought leaders like these ones: 9 big takeaways from MarTech conference by Scott Brinker ...
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digital transformation

Guide to Driving Digital Transformation – A Start

I recently came across this interesting infographic by infomentum summarizing the key elements of driving digital transformation in an organization. You can view a video as well at the source post - TALKING TRANSFORMATION: THE CEOS GUIDE TO DEALING WITH DIGITAL DISRUPTION Besides the info-graphic though, some of the common ...
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Programmatic Ecosystem

Programmatic – It Was Never About Technology But Changing Human Behavior

I have for long maintained how as marketers and technologists, as brands and agencies we are all struggling with either a channel obsession or a capability and technology obsession. It's a mindset that is often distracted with the possibilities and the shine of new technology; the root cause for creation ...
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The Marketing Technology Underpinnings – Growth Factors

The marketing technology underpinnings - growth factors For long I have been challenging myself to simplify the complexity behind the proliferation of marketing technology and innovation and more importantly learn the art of applying the ever evolving landscape to solve business challenges and change consumer behaviors that ultimately prevent businesses ...
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2015 MarTech Landscape

First Principles of a Global Marketing Technology Capability

As Scott Brinker had said in one of his recent; it's truly an incredible time to be working in marketing — and, even more so, marketing technology. The innovation happening across this industry is staggering. Yet it is still merely a reflection of the broader transformation that's happening in marketing ...
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Dialogue with DMNews – The Marketing Technology Disruption

I recently gave a keynote at this year's DMNews Marketing Technology and Innovation Summit in NY around what it meant to build global marketing technology and digital capabilities in a Fortune 100 and the notion of marketing technology disruption itself. As a prelude to the event, I had a great ...
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The CMO CDO Model

CDO, CXO, XXO – The New C Suite | Winning the Lap or the Race?

The last couple of years have seen tremendous proliferation of the C-XX titles within the world of marketing: CDO – Chief Digital Officer CDO – Chief Data Officer CCO – Chief Consumer Officer or Chief Creative Officer CXO – Chief Experience Officer .. more The CDOs and CXOs are probably ...
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Good Marketing or Bad Marketing

Stop Marketing Fragmentation – It’s Either Good Marketing or Bad Marketing

At the onset, these look like marketing strategies, marketing types, marketing buckets or perhaps just buzzwords that am sure most of us continue to use for our annual planning, various strategic presentations with our teams, with the board, with the top leadership and more. There are agencies that specialize in ...
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Omni Channel Consumer Experience

The Isolated Omni Channel Worlds – Brand, Retail & the Consumer

I have often written about how far we are as an industry in getting to that ultimate seamless omni-channel experience for the consumer. The reasons have been fairly straight forward -- an omni-channel experience even by sheer definition means it is channel agnostic and in other words, it entirely focuses ...
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Driving Innovation @ Kimberly Clark – A Dialogue with BrandChannel

Driving Innovation @ Kimberly Clark - I have always isolated my personal blog from my actual work at Kimberly Clark. While I have never written about the work we are doing for our global iconic brands across marketing technologies or innovation, a lot of my thoughts and perspective do stem ...
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