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Digital transformation in healthcare: 5 areas of immediate growth

As published by VisionCritical Customer Experience on their blog post:   In the last few years, healthcare has been trying to join other industries in the quest to deliver a better customer experience. The industry has been bringing a fundamental shift from volume to value of care. The evolution in ...
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HealthCare Marketing Moves From Multichannel To Omnichannel

As originally published in AdExchanger on the shift in healthcare from MultiChannel to OmniChannel Marketing It’s staggering to see the pace at which digital technology is changing the traditional and highly regulated world of health care. The industry has moved from massive health systems with weeks-long waits for an appointment ...
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Volume to Value

With Its Eye On Consumers, HealthCare Shifts From Volume To Value

As originally published on AdExchanger - Healthcare Shift from Volume to Value I used to hear that health care was behind other industries when it comes to digital technology adoption and delivering immersive consumer experiences. It may be behind CPG, retail, finance and travel, but it is by no means ...
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2015 MarTech Landscape

Navigating The Marketing Technology Disruption

A few days back, I had a wonderful opportunity to dialogue on Marketing Technology Disruption with David Raab, who has been a thought leader and visionary in the digital transformation and evolution of the marketing function. CMSWire was kind enough to publish it across 2 segments: How do you build ...
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CDO Club

Digital Transformation in Healthcare – CDOClub

  I recently published my thoughts on driving digital transformation in healthcare on the CDOClub "5 Ways Chief Digital Officers Can Drive Digital Transformation in Healthcare". Considering how easy it has become to drive innovation and disrupt traditional categories with new immersive ideas, it is shocking to see how far ...
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5 Cs of Modern Marketing

The 5 Cs of Modern Marketing in an Era of Consumer and Convergence

5 Cs of Modern Marketing The last few months I have written an awful lot around Seamless Experiences and Omni-Channel complexities, which also reflect my own struggles and desire to learn and understand the space, both from a strategy and execution standpoint. I have tried to focus on reasons why ...
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Consumer in CSuite

Consumer – The Missing Seat in the C-Suite

Consumer - The Missing Seat in the C-Suite Earlier this week I had a great opportunity to be part of a panel along side David Mathison at the C-Suite Network Conference run by Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO at Eastman Kodak and now the host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett on ...
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First Principles Omni Channel Experience

Founding Principles of Enabling an Omni Channel Strategy

Omni Channel Strategy There has been enough said and written about Omni Channel Experiences from two perspectives - Firstly, why it is unreal and still a myth through my own posts like The Omni Channel Paradox, Omni Channel Far From Being a Reality and others. Secondly what an Omni Channel ...
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DMP Evolution

Navigating Through the DMP Outburst – Enabling The Omni-Channel Vision

The DMP Outburst It’s fascinating and intriguing to see how fast the digital world is evolving and how quickly we are changing directions and unraveling new opportunities to solve consumer needs and gaps. While Big Data has been the old new kid on the block for a while and understandably ...
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The Technology Obsession

The Perfect Imperfection – The Technology & Channel Obsession |#HumanFirst?

Technology & Channel Obsession I think if there is one thing in the world of marketing that hasn’t changed, one statement that has been consistently written with blood, one emotion and desire that everyone regardless of where they sit have unequivocally expressed has been to “PUT THE CONSUMER AT THE ...
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